3 Ways Cloud Adoption is Helping to Promote the Use of Data Center Power Solutions

3 Ways Cloud Adoption is Helping to Promote the Use of Data Center Power Solutions

The cloud offers enormous value to businesses that can leverage its sound cloud adoption capabilities; however, not all are prepared to use this technology. To truly take advantage of cloud solutions, it is essential to have reliable power infrastructure in place. Thus, cloud adoption will be important to promote data center power solutions. Here are three ways that cloud adoption will help the use of data center power:

1) The cloud promotes data center power efficiency

The cloud can help drive data center power efficiency in many ways; it does so is by promoting efficient utilization and management of resources. Datacenters require organizations to use as much space as possible, with as many systems as possible, due to cost concerns. The cloud offers a different approach; cloud providers charge what you use and nothing more. This means that there’s no pressure for you to hoard unused equipment and dedicate massive amounts of physical space. You pay for only what you need – so there’s less need for excess capacity that adds no value but still costs money because your budget is fixed rather than variable.

2) The cloud makes renewable energy simple and cost effective

By making sustainable power sources easier and cheaper to access, cloud computing has paved a path toward an environmentally friendly data center. Cloud companies use renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, which are more cost-effective than fossil fuels. For example, it takes less than 1.5 hours for wind turbines in Texas to produce enough electricity for 105,000 homes! As a result, many companies that rely on renewable energy have cut their carbon footprint by 35-50%.

3) The cloud helps reduce IT spending on capital expenses

Since cloud service providers are responsible for managing data center facilities, they often offer more advanced power solutions. The result is that cloud service providers have an interest in developing efficient power solutions since it helps them drive down operational costs. A recent report from Gartner found that a little over half of all companies used colocation or outsourcing services as part of their infrastructure strategy. With companies use colocation services as an alternative to building their data centers. In other words, even large organizations are still thinking about cloud computing options for some or all of their infrastructure needs.


The cloud has redefined data center power solutions, reducing costs and providing users with a better infrastructure experience. Businesses who want to be competitive in today’s marketplace should consider these changes and ensure they are taking advantage of everything cloud computing has to offer. With an understanding of what data center power systems can do for your business, you’ll be able to identify future needs and create strategies that align with your current business goals. Feel free to contact us if you need help establishing your strategy or growing your business!