Cloud Service Cost

Did you know that the Cloud is approximately 30% cheaper than on-premise solutions? This cost comparison demonstrates the value of the Cloud.

We know what you are thinking. How much will it cost? That is a question that InnovativeIT is happy to answer. We understand your needs are unique. That is why we take the time to assess every customer before providing a quote—so that you only pay for what you need! Check out our pricing calculators!

Virtual Machine Migration Pricing
Run on a virtual machine. Migrate virtual machines from one physical location to another.
How many virtual machine images do you need migrated?
Database Migration Pricing
Migrate your database. Migrate source databases to their target with minimal downtime.
How many databases do you need migrated?
Domain Controller Migration Pricing
Migrate your domain controller. Migrate domain controllers from start to finish.
How many domain controllers do you need migrated?
File Migration Pricing
Migrate your data. Migrate your aging data formats to a new environment.
How many terabytes do you need migrated?
Did you know that 10 minutes without access to your company's data can lose you 10% or more in revenue?

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